A medically supervised weight loss program offered by Toronto weight loss coach Dr. Peter Goldfarb that is safe, reliable and effective

Losing weight has always been difficult: Keeping it off is the ultimate challenge.

Dr. Peter Goldfarb of Toronto, Canada is a weight loss coach who offers a safe, effective weight loss program from OPTIFAST®.

Obesity is a chronic health condition. The OPTIFAST® weight loss program in Toronto is a medically supervised weight loss program that provides you with the face-to-face support you need to control your weight.

Over a million people have benefited from OPTIFAST® since it was developed in 1974

The OPTIFAST® Weight Loss Program Difference:

  • Medically supervised –lose weight safely!
  • Program is flexible, easy to modify, and adaptable
  • Individually tailored to your situational, medical, personality and weight loss needs
  • Comprehensive –includes medical, behavioral, physical and nutritional aspects
  • Nutritional replacement meets Health Canada’s daily dietary requirements
  • Easy startup –no food choices or cooking!




To learn more about the Toronto OPTIFAST® weight loss program, please review the answers to some of the more commonly asked questions about OPTIFAST® and how it is implemented.

Dr. Peter Goldfarb has been practicing medicine for more than 40-years and has been a weight loss coach in Toronto, Canada since 1990. The year previous, he researched the weight loss marketplace and chose the OPTIFAST® weight loss program for its safe, reliable and effective results. Shortly after, he began offering it to the public through his weight loss center.

Benefits of utilizing Dr. Goldfarb’s weight loss center:

  • Constructive, encouraging one-on-one in person consultations
  • A caring doctor who acts as your personal coach to help you lose weight
  • For those who qualify, coverage by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP)
  • Weight loss program monitoring to keep you on pace

Be sure to utilize the Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator on this site. BMI determines your risk for weight-related health problems by using your height and weight values to arrive at a representative number. As a person’s BMI increases, so too does their risk for acquiring weight-related diseases.

OPTIFAST® is suitable for those with a BMI greater than or equal to 30. It may also be appropriate for individuals with a BMI of 27 - 29.9 who have other medical problems caused by their weight. A person's BMI is the means by which one's eligibility for the OPTIFAST® weight loss program is determined. The Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator calculates your score.

Dr. Goldfarb’s OPTIFAST® weight loss program can help you achieve feelings of mastery, empowerment, and happiness that come as you gain control of your weight.

To make an appointment, call (416) 445-4459 or Complete the online submission form.

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